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Poker League Software (PLS) is an online service that allows you to quickly and easily manage your poker league results. It’s completely free. PLS allows you to display your poker league points and poker tournament results on any website. Post one of several of the provided poker leaderboards for your poker league website. Use the hosted version if you don’t have a website. All of this for free and it will save you so much time, money and resources while it also manages all of your poker league information.

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How Poker League Software Works

PLS started as a software program and is now an online service. All the poker league information is stored in a highly secured environment. All the information is backed up daily. All your information is available for you to download at any time.

So, once your account is setup and you have setup your poker league admin website customized to fit your league, do the following:

  • STEP 1: Play your poker league tournament or game
  • STEP 2: Login to to enter and save your results
  • STEP 3: Your information is now stored and secured. Also, your Poker Leaderboards on your website update automatically.

In a nutshell, Poker League Software is a points management tool designed to make the tedious process of points tracking, tallying and leaderboard creation into a quick and efficient process. Ditch Excel and use Poker League Software 100% Free.

Here is an example of the leaderboard that is displayed on your website (OR on our website if you don’t have one).


 What Poker League Software Is Not

Poker League Software is NOT like other poker tournament managers you may have seen. PLS is NOT a blind timer; it’s not going to tell you when to raise your blinds. Nor is it not a poker clock, blind creator or a seating chart (although those features may soon be available).

Those other tournament managers are certainly useful on their own, but they do not solve one key problem. Quickly and efficiently managing all the data, stats and information that you will accumulate when running a successful poker league. PLS makes poker league points management quick, easy and efficient.

Successful Poker Leagues know one little secret that makes their league popular and keeps players coming back to their website time and time (and time) again.

That one little secret? Poker Leagues know one secret….

This one little secret is so valuable that it can can make you or break you in operating a poker league?

This secret is what separates successful leagues from ones that flounder and never get off the ground.

This little secret is the underlying premise behind Poker League Software.

The secret:

Keep Score how you want to keep score!Poker Leagues with a widely visible and updated points race is a huge motivator for league members!

Players want to see points, they want to see them right away, and they want to know that everyone else see’s them, too. An active points race is key to consistently bringing in a large number of players time and time again.

Most players enjoy the individual challenge of a poker tournament and the prize for 1st place, but if you are operating a poker league, players are much more likely to come out and play on a night where they might not have normally done so if there is an active points race!

So how to you cultivate an active points race?

Answer: Have a widely visible leaderboard that is accurate and up to date.

Poker League here on Monday Nights!For example,
You start a bar poker league in your local town.

You visit three pub managers at a few local bars and talk to them about the extra customers that will visit their location to play in a poker tournament that you put on.

The manager each agree to to hold one tournament per week for four weeks each and they agree to pay you similarly to the trivia night karaoke DJ.

Your job is to bring in a bunch of players who wouldn’t normally be there and allow the establishment sell food and drinks to patrons who are there to enjoy the poker tournament.

Your venues are “Bud’s Bar and Grill” on Mondays, Wild Willy’s on Wednesdays and Uncle Buck’s Barbeque on Saturdays.

Remembering that the one secret that successful poker leagues know is that an active points race is a huge motivating factor for league members, want a points race for each venue as well as an overall points race.

You have 3 venue points races and one overall points race to promote to your league members.

You need the following leaderboards:

1. Individual venue leaderboard for Bud’s on Mondays
2. Individual venue leaderboard for Wild Willy’s on Wednesday
3. Individual venue leaderboard for Bucks on Saturday
4. Combined overall leaderboard tallying points across all venues.

The individual leaderboards track the results at each venue. The overall leaderboard is the combined total points for each player at all of your venues.

Poker League Software automatically saves and tallys your league results and creates all of your leaderboards in one step! Play your tournament, enter results and hit save.

Results are saved, points are tallied and the leaderboard is updated all at once.

An interactive leaderboard for your poker league is created and updated to your website. Your scores are automatically tallied and results posted in a widely visiable league resource.

The same thing is true for poker affiliates who are running an online poker league and trying to recruit players to join. If you are running a poker league at Bodog Life then you are going to have to have a leaderboard to keep your players interested!

You might be saying – Doesn’t EXCEL do all of that?

“I can track points myself using Excel or Word, right?”

You are absolutely 100% correct. — You can manually track your points by entering everything into an excel spreadsheet, using formulas and good old fashioned addition to update your points.

It is possible, but it isn’t efficient.

The Atlanta Poker Club, tracked their poker league points manually using excel for over two years. Here is what they have to say about the software and they were instrumental in the development of the software into what it is today.

Poker League Software saves you time and money!

“For the past two and a half years I’ve literally wasted 8-10 hours every week managing our poker league points and leaderboard.

Now updating points takes less than 2 minutes per day…I can access everything online from the easy to use PLS admin console – which helps greatly when I’m on the road.

Plus, our players absolutely love having the leaderboard updated immediately following a tournament, instead of days after the fact.

Before, we would already be 3 to 4 days behind whenever I updated the points… today we’re up to date.

We’ve wanted this software since we started our league, but before now it simply wasn’t available.

If you run a poker league you should order PLS right now.

Brad F.
Atlanta Poker Club

So yes, you can do all of this the old fashioned way but we believe that you will agree that your time is better spent promoting and growing your league rather than “doing the points.”

Poker League Software grows with you as you grow, add venues, seasons, events etc… as you need.

Poker League Software handles it all, all in one step. You only enter a tournament result one time and the PLS database does the rest. A dynamic and interactive leaderboard is created and automatically displayed on your website.

League members visit your website to check the leaderboard and your sponsors and advertisers get exposure to your league, and you have a great medium to communicate to league members.


This is a MUST HAVE for any poker affiliate running an online league.
Jeremy E, Poker Affiliate World.

Poker League Software Features

Custom and Flexible Scoring Solutions
Flexible league structure
Leaderboard displays on your website
Individualized player stats
Venues, Seasons, Players, Regions and Sub-Regions available
Easy error correction, player merging etc..

Poker League Software is flexible and easy to use with virtually any league structure. It is easy to add new venues, create seasons, create tournaments entries, manage players, modify players, change results, add results, search through results and just very easy to use.

You can create a scoring system that does what YOU want it to do, be it add a certain % of points to each finish position, add a flat points award based on how many players, or a combination thereof.

You can award bonus points, bounty points, attendance points, points for whatever you want, whenever you want. You can enter results but not have the tally if you do a special event that doesn’t track points for one reason or another…

The bottom line is that you can set your league up however you need to set your league up, quick and easy.

Poker League Software vs other Poker League Managers

You’ve probably looked around at some of the other poker league management tools on the net. We certainly did. They didn’t look very user friendly and they didn’t really do what we wanted anyway (manage points / display leaderboard).

Most of those poker league managers were really tournament managers, telling you how to seat players and when to raise blinds. The APC had virtually no use for that, but they did need something to manage points and display a leaderboard for players to see. They needed a points management solution. Poker League Software requires no downloads, all it requires is access to the internet and a login / password..

Once you log in, it is easy to both create your initial league set up / points system as well as enter your event results. It takes a one step process to get the leaderboard to display on your website.

PLS saves huge amounts of time if you operate a poker league. Hit ‘save’ once you enter your results and you are done.

League setup is a one time thing (you can make adjustments) but once you set up your league settings and your scoring systems it is a breeze to enter tournament results.

Once you enter the results, your leaderboard is updated instantly on your website.

League members can instantly visit your website and view the updated leaderboard as well as look through detailed results from previous league events. The current points race is displayed and history for your league is created.

Examples of how Poker League Software Works

Screenshots of the PLS administrator (league manager)

Here are a handful of screenshots of what it looks like to log in as an administrator and enter event results.

Screenshot of Scoring System

Screenshot of Tourney Results

Here are more Poker League Software Screenshots.

Poker League Software – a no brainer.

“Now that we use Poker League Software, our tournament directors fill out one simple online form. It takes about a minute to complete per venue. When all the information is input, they hit a buttton and points are tracked, tallied and the leaderboard is updated automatically on our website.

When we were using excel, we had to get the results from the tournament director, type the results into excel, sort the results, update the results, merge the files and fix any errors like a player name mispelling or typo, save the new file and re-upload the results to the web and change any necessary links.

We had to do that for every venue, every tournament, every week. Then we had to combine every venue for an overall points race where we gave away our big prize. It took forever and our leaderboards were never up to date in real time.

Now, it takes minutes! Which would you prefer?

It’s one of the best investments we’ve made for improving and growing our Texas Holdem Poker league and website participation.

PLS is so easy to use and it saves so much time and money that it pays for itself time & time again. Plus, the leaderboard page is one of the most heavily visited pages on our website and an excellent opportunity for advertising and promoting our sponsors.”

Jason S
Atlanta Poker Club

P.S. We will not talk about the time the points got really screwed up using excel and we had to just start it over from scratch because it was easier than trying to straighten out the mess we created in excel. No, we won’t mention that at all, because thats not good, not good at all.

Click here for more on the development and history of poker league software with the Atlanta Poker Club.

Start using Poker League Software today and give your poker league the competitive edge. Your players will thank you for it!

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Here are more features of the poker league software.

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